About Us


Mi-Cher Dance Academy has been an active part of the South Surrey Dance Community for over 40 years – with many past dancers returning with their little ones, we see our influence runs far beyond learning dance technique!

We believe our place in this creative community is to encourage the love of dance and music.

Many lessons, beyond dance steps, can be gained in the ballet studio: poise, grace, confidence, respect, work ethic, commitment, dedication, and an appreciation for artistic creativity.

A dance studio is a wonderful place where you can leave the stress and cares of the world at the door and just dance.



To use the joy of dance to instill character and foster individual growth in a wholesome environment.


To see students’ personalities, determination, and dedication develop as they learn and grow, not only in dance technique, but in life skills.


Mi-Cher is committed to providing a safe, supportive, well-rounded, fair, trusting, age appropriate, and respectful environment, while actively involving and including all those with needs and differences.  The studio promises to maintain excellence, dignity, child protection, equality, and diversity.  At no time will neglect or abuse be tolerated. 


The studio goal is to foster safe practice, thinking, confidence, a love of dance, and the role of dance in the development of the whole person while nurturing confident learners.