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How to access the Parent Portal through an app...

Exciting news, you can now access the Mi-Cher Parent Portal through an app on your phone! Some of you may have already received an invite email.

Here are some instructions on how to download and access:

***Please click to allow notifications from the app (if it pops up).

  1. Open your Android or Apple App Store

  2. Search for “Wix Spaces”

  3. Install the app

  4. Open the app

  5. Click “I Already Have a Wix Account”

  6. Click “Log in With Email”

  7. Enter your email address that you signed up on the Mi-Cher Parent Portal with

  8. Press “Continue”

  9. Enter your password you used for the Mi-Cher Parent Portal

  10. Click “Log In”

  11. Tap on “Mi-Cher Dance”

On the “Newsletters” tab you can scroll through all the Parent Portal posts.

If you click on the “Messages” button at the top, underneath our logo, you can see all the individual messages we have sent you (for example messages about ballet exam information).

***If you have any trouble with the above steps, please use the following steps to fix the issue:

  1. Open the Spaces app

  2. Press: Got an invite code?

  3. Enter: TAZPPI

  4. Click: Join

  5. Click: Sign up with Email

  6. Enter your email

  7. Enter your password

  8. Click: Log in

  9. Then you should be able to see Mi-Cher.

Note: Please use the email address that you used when you signed up for the Parent Portal, not an alternate login option.

If you have any trouble, please contact us.


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