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Intro to Vocational Ballet

Welcome to your child's introduction to Vocational ballet!

Up until now, your child will have likely done a different Graded ballet level each year. For example, Grade 3 ballet one year, Grade 4 ballet the next...

Now, it will be a little bit different, as instead of having the folk "character" dancing portion of the syllabus, the students will start to prepare for pointe work.

These vocational levels (Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, and Advanced 2) are designed for the serious dancer and require more 'instructional hours' than the lower graded levels. Where it only took one dance year to fully teach the graded levels, vocational levels can take multiple years to complete.

One benefit of vocational ballet exams is that upon successful completion of the exam, your child can receive BC High School course credit. See here:*Royal%20Academy%20of%20Dance*&lstCourseType=2936

Intermediate Foundation = Grade 10 - 4 credits

Intermediate = Grade 11 - 4 credits

Advanced Foundation = Grade 12 - 4 credits

Advanced 1 = Grade 12 - 4 credits

Advanced 2 = Grade 12 - 4 credits

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.


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