Summer Stretching

Regular weekly dance classes may not run through the summer months – but that doesn’t mean your technique, flexibility, and endurance have to take a vacation!

Your hard work all year long to improve doesn't have to stop now. Taking some time each week through the summer to work on dancing and stretching is a great way to maintain the gains made in the last dance year.

Here’s some ways to do it:

  1. Go for a walk

  2. Dance on the beach

  3. Take a pilates class

  4. Make up a dance

  5. Get warm out in that sunshine

  6. Do some stretches

Missing the dance studio? You can book summer lessons with Miss McKeever. She is offering in-studio lessons for anyone interested.

Want some resources for this summer? Take a look below...

Video Series for Primary – Grade 5 | RAD Here’s a video series from the Royal Academy of Dance, each video includes cardio warm-up, floor exercises for strength and flexibility, foot exercises and floor barre exercises.

Improve Your Turnout | Kathryn Morgan A great video from Kathryn Morgan to assist with improving turnout. Follow Kathryn through a set of exercises and stretches to learn her tips!

Work on your strength & stretch | Kathryn Morgan Complete this full body work out for dancers to work on your strength and stretch.

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