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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child try a class before we register?

Yes, you are welcome to come try your first class for free.  Please contact us to set up a time.


Will I be able to watch my child dance and perform?

Yes, there will be three opportunities to watch your child throughout the dance year. There will be open house before Winter Break and Spring Break to watch classes and a live year end production performance at a theatre.

Do I have to buy a ticket to watch the year end production?

Yes, renting the theatre for our dress rehearsal and year end production performance costs thousands of dollars.  The tickets cover this cost.

How does the dance year work?  When do classes start and end?

The dance year works like a school year.  It runs from September to June.  There are no regular classes through the summer.  We start the dance year the week after Surrey Schools go back and end regular classes right before our June dress rehearsal and show.

Do you offer exams?

Yes, at Mi-Cher Dance Academy, we believe an exam is a great goal for your child to work towards.  We offer Royal Academy of Dance Children’s and Vocational ballet exams.

Does my child have to take a ballet exam?

We are happy for your child to have the opportunity to take a ballet exam, but it is not mandatory.  When it comes time for registering for a ballet exam, if your child's teacher feels that they can be ready for an exam, you will receive an "Intent to Enter" form with information on what taking an exam requires.  For those who do not want to take the exam, they will continue with classes as usual.  At a certain point (when the dancers get older) they would need to take an exam if they wanted to be able to do any further exams, but we would let you know all the details regarding exams and prerequisites at that point.

Successful completion of a Royal Academy of Dance Graded ballet exam, gives the student a certificate, mark sheet, and medal pin.

For Royal Academy of Dance Vocational ballet exams, successful completion would earn BC School credit.  You can see here which levels apply to which grades and credit value:*Royal%20Academy%20of%20Dance*&lstCourseType=2936


Where can I park?

We have three designated Mi-Cher parking spaces (spaces numbered 214), located to your left upon entering the parking lot.  There are an additional 7 VISITOR and 2 SMALL CAR spaces you can park in.  There is also some parking available along Croydon Drive, but please use extreme caution in crossing the road, as people tend to go very quickly around that corner.

When do classes start?  What holidays does the studio close for?

You can click here to see our Important Dates page, which is kept updated with all the important dates you need to know.  You can even mark in your calendar when the year end dress rehearsal and show are!

How many dances will my child have in the year-end production?  Can my child have a solo in the show?

Your child will have a group dance for each class they have per week.  For example, if your child dances three times per week, they will have three group dances in the year end production. 

Only the dancers' whose home class is our most senior class have a solo dance in the show.  For example, the dancers who are enrolled in three Advanced 2 ballet classes per week, will each have a solo in the show.

How many students are in your classes?

Our maximum class size ranges from 12-14 students, depending on age.  We have a teacher and teaching assistant for all our Minis, Pre-Primary, and Primary ballet classes.

Does Mi-Cher work with the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program for financial assistance?  Is there a form to complete?

We have had students use the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program in the past.  The student’s parents complete the application; we just let them know that our legal business name is Mi-Cher Dance Academy (2021) Ltd.  If the application is approved, we receive a cheque directly from Jumpstart and apply it to future class invoices.


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