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Getting the App

We wanted to make it easy to get onto the Mi-Cher Dance Parent Portal through the Spaces by WIX app. Here is a tutorial to help you!

Step 2-

Once your app has finished downloading, open it on your phone. Select "Got a Invite Code?" at the bottom of the opening screen. Enter in the code TAZPPI and hit join. A screen that says "Mi-Cher Dance Parent Portal" will appear. Select "Send Join Request".

Next you will be asked to log into WIX. Use your Parent Portal login to do this. You will know you have the right email when the password page says "Verify your Password" instead of "Create a Password".

Step 1-

Find your phone's app store such as the apple store or the google play store. Search "Spaces by WIX" in the app store search bar and download it.

Step 3-

After entering your password, the app screen will change to the sites you are a part of. The Mi-Cher Dance Parent Portal will be one of them, if not the only one. When you tap on it, the app will take you to the app version of our Parent Portal. On there you can check posts, important dates, exam practices and more!

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