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Fees & Policies

Regular Fees
Updated & posted Parent Portal December 6, 2023
  1. $40+gst Registration Fee (per child); non-refundable; Due upon registration (reserves your child's spot & covers registration administration)

  2. Class Fees (see "Fee Policy & Payment Plans") Contact us to request Fee Schedule information (covers regular classes)

  3. Costume Fees (to be determined and charged by January/February) (covers seamstress & costuming fees)

Other Costs
  1. Class uniform to be purchased from a dance store (all students)

  2. Exam Fees to be charged at exam registration time, if registering for an exam (applicable if you register your child for an exam)

  3. Photos from Picture Day will be available for purchase (applicable if you want a copy of photos taken on Picture Day)

  4. Year-end Production tickets will be available for purchase through the theatre box office (for all guests; pays for cost of theatre)

  5. Year-end Production video recording will be available for purchase (applicable if you want a video recording of the show performance)

Fee Discounts
  1. Family Discount: If you have 2 or more children registered at Mi-Cher, you are eligible for a 10% discount on Class Fees.  Immediate family members only.

  2. Yearly Payment Discount: 5% discount on Class Fees when Class Fees are paid in one payment at the start of the dance year.

Fee Policy & Payment Plans
Updated February 20, 2024
  1. Fees are calculated on a yearly basis for September to June and divided into equal payments, with a minimum of 31 classes provided. NOTE: The monthly or quarterly payments will not necessarily correspond to the number of classes within each month or quarter, but instead add up for the year.

  2. There are three payment plans available:

    • Annual payment: 1 payment with a 5% discount (Sept 1st) (may be paid by eTransfer, Cash, Cheque, Debit, or Credit)

    • Quarterly payments: 4 equal payments (Sept 1st, Nov 1st, Feb 1st, Apr 1st) (may be paid by eTransfer, Post-dated Cheques, or Pre-authorized Credit)

    • Monthly payments: 9 equal payments (1st of Sept-May) (must be paid by Post-dated Cheques or Pre-authorized Credit)

  3. All Fees will be subject to GST (5%)

  4. A $10.00 fee will be charged on all N.S.F. cheques.

  5. All paying by Pre-authorized Credit must have a signed credit card authorization form on file at the studio.

Payment Method Details
  1. Cash (must be given in an envelope labelled with dancer's name)

  2. Cheque (payable to Mi-Cher Dance Academy (2021) Ltd.)

  3. eTransfers (to; please note dancer's name so we know who the payment is for)

  4. Debit/Credit

Late Payment Policy

Balances owing not paid by the last day of each month, will be charged a late fee of 10% of your balance owing.*  If this late fee and balance owing are not paid by the last day of the following month, your child will not be able to attend any further classes until the balance owing and late fees are paid.  Please talk to the studio director if you have extenuating circumstances.

*Unless another specific arrangement was made by the 15th of that month.  If your financial situation has changed, please let us know right away.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Once we have started a quarter, that quarter's class fees are non-refundable.

•          Quarter 1: Sept 1st - Oct 31st

•          Quarter 2: Nov 1st - Jan 31st

•          Quarter 3: Feb 1st - Mar 31st

•          Quarter 4: Apr 1st - Jun (when classes end)

For example, if a student chose to withdraw from classes on December 10th, two quarters of class fees (for February - June) would be refunded.* The Registration fee (per student, due upon registration) and the Costuming fee are both non-refundable.

*Failure to attend class does not equal withdrawal. Mi-Cher must receive written notice for class withdrawals.  Unless we receive notice of a dancer cancelling the class, we are not able to fill that spot with someone from the wait-list.  Your class fees are what keep your dancer's space in the class.

Class Cancellation Policy

The studio will provide a minimum of 31 classes from September to June.  If a class is cancelled due to exam session, weather, or other unforeseen circumstance, every effort will be made to reschedule, if the cancellation affects the minimum 31 classes.  Refunds for these classes will not be provided, and payments will not be reduced for class absences.

Class Absence Policy

The studio does not offer make-up lessons for classes missed due to scheduling or sickness.  Payments will not be reduced for class absences.

Year End Production Participation Policy
Updated & posted Parent Portal December 6, 2023

Year End Production Consent forms are due by the last day of classes before Winter Break.  If you have extenuating circumstances that will make your dancer unable to participate in the Year End Production, please fill out a production withdrawal form instead. If a dancer is withdrawn from the Year End Production after the last day of classes before Winter Break, you will be charged $25 and will be required to pay for your dancer's costuming fee invoice, regardless of participation, no exceptions.

Sickness & Injury Policy
  1. If your child is sick, or has symptoms such as a fever, persistent cough, or sore throat, please send an email to and/or text 604-536-1191 and keep them home from dance class that day.  We all want to stay healthy.

  2. If your child is injured or has a sore muscle, please still bring them to class so that they can sit and watch.  They will still be learning.

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a private lesson, please provide at least 24 hours notice.  Private lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may still be billed for 50% of the lesson fee.  In case of cancellation due to emergency or uncontrollable event, please let us know.

Registration Policy

Registration is first come, first served.  A student's spot is reserved in the applicable class(es) once the registration form and fee have been received.  Emails are time-stamped, and will be replied to in the order they were received.

Email Policy
Updated December 7, 2023

During the dance year (September to June), we will respond to emails on our office days.  Emails sent on non-office days may not receive a reply until the next office day.  If the matter is urgent or short-notice, and you have not received a reply to your email, please text the studio phone at 604-536-1191.  The studio email and phone will not be monitored on Sundays.  During the summer, if you have not received a reply within 4 business days, please check your junk/spam folders.

Student Medical Emergency Policy

If a student is injured or has a medical emergency during class, teachers will call the parents' phone numbers, and if necessary, 911.

If your child has an asthma inhaler or epi-pen, please notify the teacher where it is in case of emergency.

Exam Practices Policy

We want each student entering the exam to be as prepared as they possibly can so that they can have a fun, positive, successful exam experience.  In order to accomplish this, we need your help.  A ballet exam requires more dedication than a regular class, including spending time practicing outside of class time.

When your dancer is at class, our teachers will work hard to encourage, correct, and guide the dancers to be the best they can be.  We add extra exam practice times to give us extra time to help the dancers progress and to cover exam-specific things that may not get covered in regular classes, such as exam etiquette and dancing exercises 1 at a time.  However, we only get to see your dancers for a couple hours per week, so we need your partnership to help make attending dance classes a priority and to help them practice at home.  We can provide music and practice notes, as well as answer any questions you may have, to help guide your at home practice time.

Please note, once the exam entry has been submitted, exam fees cannot be refunded.  We reserve the right to withdraw your child from the exam if we think they are not ready close to the exam date.

Dance Choreography Policy

Updated & posted Parent Portal December 6, 2023

After spring break, your dancer will start to learn year end production dance choreography. Your child will have a group dance for each class they have per week.  For example, if your child dances three times per week, they will have three group dances in the Year End Production. 

We ask that students do their very best to attend all classes during this time.  The dancers in a class form a team, and it is very difficult to create and polish a dance when someone is missing.  If your child is going to be missing a class during choreography time, please contact the studio ahead of time so that the teacher knows.  Your teacher or friend may be able to send you a video of the choreography so you can learn the choreography before the next class. 

If a dancer misses several classes without communicating with the studio, they may be excluded from a portion of their dance.  If you have an emergency or uncontrollable reason for missing a class, please email us as soon as possible.

Jewelry Policy

For safety reasons, no jewelry will be permitted to be worn in class, except for small stud earrings.

If you have cultural or religious jewelry that must be worn at all times, please discuss this with the class instructor.

Shoes Policy

For classes, students must dance in proper dance shoes or bare feet.  Students may not dance in only socks or tights, as it is a slipping hazard.

Perfume Policy

When you are going to be at the studio, we ask that you please do not wear perfumes, body sprays, or body oils, as some people have allergies and/or asthma.  Dancers, please still wear your normal deodorant/antiperspirant.

Privacy Policy

Please note that all personal information you have provided to Mi-Cher Dance Academy (2021) Ltd. (through a registration form, email, by phone, or in person) is used in order to facilitate your child's dance year and contact you regarding important information.  We will store your information for the length of time needed to fulfill statutory requirements.  If, at a later date, you register your child for a ballet exam, information such as student name, birthdate, and ID number will be provided to the examining body (RAD).

***Policies Note: We understand that life happens, so if you have an extenuating circumstance arise, please contact us.  These policies may be updated from time to time. You will be notified of any material changes to our policies.  Continuing enrolment after notification of policy changes, will be understood as acceptance of the changes.

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