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Year End Production

This is one of the most fun parts of the dance season!!!  Every June, we end off the year of dance classes and exams with a recital, where the students get to learn dance choreography and show off all the dance skills they have learned over the year.

Story To Be Announced
June 9, 2023
3:30pm Curtain
Bell Performing Arts Centre

Please note that the year end show has a live audience and is filmed for DVD/Digital File purchase.  By having your child participate in the year end show, you are consenting to having them dance in front of a live audience and being filmed.

Frequently Asked Questions
How many dances will my child have in the year-end production?  Can my child have a solo in the show?

Your child will have a group dance for each class they have per week.  For example, if your child dances three times per week, they will have three group dances in the year end production. 

Only the dancers' whose home class is our most senior class have a solo dance in the show.  For example, the dancers who are enrolled in three Advanced 2 ballet classes per week, will each have a solo in the show.

Year End Production Participation Policy

January 15th is the deadline to notify the studio if NOT participating in the Year End Production.

You will be invoiced for your child’s costume(s) regardless of participation, unless you have notified the studio on or before January 15th, no exceptions.

Recital Choreography Policy

After spring break, your children will start to learn year end recital dance choreography.  It is very important that your child attend classes during this time.  The dancers in a class form a team, and it is not fair to the other classmates or the teacher to have to redo choreography because someone was missing.  If your child misses a class during choreography time and does not contact the teacher or friends in order to learn the choreography BEFORE THE NEXT CLASS, your child may not be included in the section of choreography that was taught on the day your child missed class.  If you have an emergency or uncontrollable reason for missing a class, please email us as soon as possible.

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